Dufferin Condominiums offers residents a choice between residing within the luxurious 15-storey condominium tower or the 2 separate 3-storey multi-unit stacked townhouses. The 172’ high tower sports a ground floor intended for commercial use and a 2-storey penthouse with a lavish rooftop terrace and pool. The townhouses offer more to the grand scheme of the complete design other than simply housing residents. Since the condominium tower lingers above neighboring residences, the townhouses act as a visual buffer that suppresses the mass presence the condominium tower has amongst adjoining buildings. Located between the tower and townhouses is an outdoor amenity space that encourages pedestrians to travel from Dufferin rd. to Shortt St. to not only experience the commercial units within the tower but to promote community gathering for the surrounding residents of both the condominium tower and adjacent townhouses. Dufferin Condos offers both above and below grade parking for residents and guests.